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The portrait on the gold background painting in the gallery above has been created as a tribute to the glamour and the beauty of the London Saturday night life atmosphere. Having watched Sex and the City 2 (SATC 2) movie I couldn't help noticing the large gold leaf painting in Big's and Carrie's New York pad/apartment that I think is similar in style and the technique to the gold leaf background in this portrait.


Welcome to Lilia's art online fine art gallery and store where you can view and buy original contemporary art ! You can purchase paintings or place an order for a commission.

Liliya Azarina is a contemporary portrait painter and visual artist based in Farnborough and Camberley border in the South East of England, who specialises in creating beautiful art pieces, canvases and panels in oil and acrylics featuring paintings of portraits, flowers, nudes, murals, still-life and other fine subjects in oil, acrylics and mixed media. Recently, Liliya has begun exploring a medium of metalic acrylic paints as well as gold sheets by incorporating them in her paintings.
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Liliya will be introducing a new section of the website on painting in various styles and painting techniques
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Through her artwork Liliya aims to explore various visual methods of depicting different subjects in a pursuit of a new art dimension. Some of Liliya's work is a two or three canvass pieces, that are calles diptychs and triptychs respectively.

Art for Sale! You can now purchase selected artwork via this website, online. The payments are made via Paypal.

If you wish to commission a portrait or a painting, please email Liliya directly with the details.

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